Shiri started her yoga journey following a trip to India where she discovered her love for yoga. After having her first son she decided to deepen her practice, wanting to learn more about yoga and eventually become a yoga teacher.  She has been teaching yoga since 2012 after completing 500 hr the Advanced Diploma of Yoga Teaching at The Australian Yoga Academy.

Shiri also completed Core Strength Vinyasa Yoga with Sadie Nardini ,200hr Rainbow kids yoga teacher training, and 30hr Yin yoga teacher training. 

Shiris' classes focus on fun, creativity and a comfortable approach to the yoga practice and body awearness   She draws inspiration from Iyengar and vinyasa flow incorporating a mix of traditional and modern styles while maintaining her own unique approach to each class.


Tracee discovered a deeper understanding of yoga while traveling and practicing through India, prompting her to explore the practice even further by becoming a yoga teacher. She is a Registered Yoga Teacher 500 and completed  trainings through both the Yoga Alliance and World Yoga Alliance in Cambodia and Nepal, becoming qualified in Hatha, Ashtanga, Vinyasa, Yin, and Acro styles of yoga. Her experience and blended approach to yoga have led her to teach all around the globe before happily landing in Australia. Tracee believes in creating the body mind soul connection through yoga, and teaches that connection with a creative approach to asana, meditation, and pranayama. Her classes encourage exploration of movement and breath to find a flow state and sense of centeredness. Tracee’s goal as an instructor in yoga is to embody physical fitness while facilitating a comfortable space for self discovery, trust, and acceptance.


Natja graduated in July 2010 with an Advanced Diploma of Yoga Teaching from the Australian Yoga Academy.

She loves exploring different styles which influence her practice and teaching. Her classes are holistic including breathwork, chanting, warm-ups, Vinyasa (flowing postures), body awareness in asana (postures), relaxation, meditation and smiling.


Eva is a creative, vibrant, free spirited soul who has been teaching for almost a decade. Eva's passion is bringing joy to others and her life's purpose is to spread love and create a ripple effect upon this planet. Eva was put on this earth to experience life to the very max and to remind others to do the same.With a background in gymnastics she recognises the importance of movement and of being fully present in our bodies for a richer human experience. 


Rachel is a highly qualified teacher with training in hatha/vinyasa and restorative/nidra.
Rachel recently started teaching yoga to teens and kids which has been an interesting addition to her repertoire.
After a long journey with a back injury she was introduced to the more gentle and restorative side of yoga which is now her passion. Rachel truly appreciates and is amazed by the wonderful effects all styles of yoga have on the mind, body and soul.


Chelsea’s first experience with Yoga started in 2003; trying to exercise and self nourish with a toddler underfoot. In 2008 Chelsea completed her first 200 hr yoga teacher training with a heavily Iyengar influenced studio (Body Yoga).Chelsea soon after felt there was a deeper more holistic understanding to be gained & began her journey into a richer yogic connection with mind, body, soul and breath as a seamless, effortless process, through the teachings of the Krishnamacharya lineage. 

Chelsea then completed a second Yoga teacher training in 2013 with internationally renowned 'Heart Of Yoga' teacher Mark Whitwell. 

Chelsea has most recently studied somatic movement with teacher Kerry McGregor and has explored it’s stunningly beautiful, symbiotic applications to yoga. Chelsea draws on all of her training and offers a unique fusion of her journey through Yoga and lifelong fascination & relationship with movement in her teachings.


Alechia brings to the mat over 30 years of dance and martial arts training. Teaching dance and dancing professionally as well as teaching other movement classes for over 15 years yoga became her focus after experiencing the many benefits practice had on her body and mind. 

Her classes encompass all of her past experience and training. Building internal awareness, focus, strength, challenge, and fluidity. All coming back to the most important thing in practice ‘your breath’ in this present moment. 

Alechia trained at The Australian Yoga Academy 350hr Advanced Diploma of Yoga Teaching and Vinyassa certificate and continues to immerse herself in workshops and training to enhance her understanding of the bodies’ mechanics and movement.


Nat was drawn to Yoga in her 20s when suffering anxiety and depression as a means of connecting within and healing herself. After completely transforming her life, Nat was drawn to share the ancient Yoga practices: becoming a teacher in 2013.

Nat lives in the hills raising her son, teaching Yoga and Ayurveda locally and facilitates Yoga teacher training to new teachers in the city.

With extensive training from all over the world, Nat teaches all styles with an emphasis of making Yoga meaningful and accessible for all.


Nerissa is a 300 hr Vinyasa Yoga teacher and experienced Pranayama teacher. Her practices focus heavily on pranayama and guiding the breath to heal and detox the physical body.
Nerissa has been practicing yoga for 10 years, and has studied and broadened her Yogic knowledge in various parts of the world.

She has dedicated her teaching practice to empowering Women and is very experienced in teaching prenatal, pranayama lead meditation and fire fuelling vinyasa flows.
Nerissa is a mother of two children and has ample experience in nurturing and physically preparing women in preparation for child birth and for the expansive journey that is - Motherhood.
Nerissa’s classes are structured on correct breath control, deep core engagement, body awareness and the important connection between energy flow and movement.


Marjon is originally from the States where she found her passion for Yoga in 2011. Since 2015, she has attended numerous Yoga teacher trainings - deepening her understanding not just of Yoga asana, but of the sacred philosophy within the teachings.

Marjon’s teaching style is a strong, fluid Vinyasa flow with modifications to suit each student’s needs. She loves to weave Yoga philosophy, Pranayama, & Mantra into the Asana classes that she teaches. Her endless love for Yoga guides her life on and off the mat. Marjon values her own practice of Yoga and meditation as her inspiration to guide students through their Yoga journey!


When Belinda first discovered yoga she fell in love with it. She sees yoga as a blessing in her life, helping her to connect more deeply to herself and the world around her. Belinda believes the practice of yoga is a journey of self discovery, which results in strengthened relationships. This belief and her passion led her to complete yoga teacher training at Moksha Academy in Melbourne.

Having tried a variety of styles and teachers, Belinda understands that there is a yoga to suit everybody and every body. During Belinda’s classes there will be times of slow movements, combined with an emphasis on control and strength. The body will be stretched during a combination of gentle and strong flows and stillness. Belinda guides classes with the goal of showing people that the best teacher in the room is themselves. She encourages people to spend time hearing and feeling their breath in order to help them to connect to how their body is feeling. This practice of body awareness will then allow people to understand what their body needs.

Belinda teaches a vinyasa based practice which is suitable for all students as the poses can all be modified.


Jade comes from a family of yoga teachers and grew up working in the family business in various ways, hosting, cooking assisting and teaching - all sorts. And so she really appreciates and loves creating a positive and space for nurturing and growth. Whatever your level, background, age, yoga style and experience!

She has worked as a travelling yoga teacher, running her own retreats as well as teaching in studios in various favourite spaces in the US, europe and Asia for over 10 years.

She aims to make an inclusive class, with a basis in vinyasa flow, where everyone can come to just move their body and feel good! She passionately believes that its a great thing to look after this body and mind of ours, as it looks after us every day. She aims to create a practice that can help us to nurture and work through any old injuries or re-occuring issues, as well as giving options to push our body to be stronger, happier and more flexible (if it’s willing that day!)

She has studied a variety of styles and teaches a hybrid of yogas suitable for the class. She originally trained in Asthanga Vinyasa, but when on to train also in Hatha, Restorative, Vinyasa Flow, Ayuveda, Rocket and Yin styles. Alongside studying anatomy, nutrition, thai yoga massage, and aromatherapy.


Jasmin first discovered yoga over 20 years ago and kept up a regular practice throughout this time to experience the many health and wellbeing benefits it has to offer. As a long established practitioner of various healing arts, she acknowledges yoga to be a powerful holistic therapy that nurtures all aspects of the self; body, mind, emotions and spirit.

Jasmin eventually decided to follow her bliss and extend the gift of yoga to others by completing her teacher training in April 2019. Since that time, she has consistently developed her skills in teaching the various styles of hatha, vinyasa, yin, restorative and pre-natal yoga.

Jasmin loves to create unique yoga sequences designed to strengthen and balance the body, bring calm to the mind and emotions, and weave in the deeper aspects of pranayama, meditation and spiritual wisdom throughout all her classes.

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