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22nd May 


Sound Bath &

Guided Meditation

Come join us for this Sound Bath and Guided Meditation and be gently guided into a relaxed state that starts with the breath, followed by a chant to quiet your mind, and a guided meditation to melt you deeper into the experience.

From there we’ll immerse in the vibrations of a sound bath, which will create space for deep relaxation and the release of tension, stress, and stagnant or trapped energy.

From this state of being the mind, body, emotions, and spirit will have the opportunity to soothe, re-calibrate, and restore inner harmony.

Sound is the gateway to the soul, when we sit and listen, we begin to hear the silence between sounds, which then transports us to other worlds and the depth of our soul.


Proven Benefits of Sound Therapy:

• Reduces stress and anxiety

• Improve immune and nervous system health

• Improves sleep and relaxation

• Boosts your mental, emotional and energetic state of being

• Helps release emotional tension

• Helps you maintaining a healthy spiritual and self-care practice

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4th June 


Reclaiming Your Pleasure

Join Shoshi and Kat in this wonderful workshop Reclaiming Your Pleasure,

workshop that covers practical tools and resources to help you cultivate more pleasure in your everyday life. Shoshi & Kat will teach you practical ways to unpack sexual shame, tap into your true desires, and live an erotically powered life. Discover the power of your pleasure with practices that explore breast heart compassion, sensuality vs sexuality, productivity as an epidemic and pleasure as an antidote, unlocking orgasms, yoni and womb clearing, orgasmic(ness) as an away of life, sex magic, and orgasmic manifestation.


 Who is this right for?

✔️ A woman just starting, well on, or experienced in her sacred pleasure path.

✔️ A woman with an open mind.

✔️ A woman leading with an open heart or wanting to.

✔️ A woman looking to connect deeper within herself and other women.

✔️ A woman that thrives on nourishing her mind with the pleasures life has to offer.


 What We Do

✨ Open Meditation - using sensual movement to step into the energy of pleasure.

✨ Sound bowl healing

✨ Acknowledgment of each member

✨ An introduction to what it means to live life pleasurably

✨  Open discussion exploring our connections and experiences with pleasure

✨ Sensual eating practices - (Light refreshments included)

✨ Experience partner activities and sensuality based activities

✨ Introduction to a workbook (to use and keep) intended to help you integrate what you've learned

✨ Celebrate each other through words of kindness, affirmation, and reflection

✨ Close Meditation - sealing our experience and grounding us




Drum & Bassersize

With Shoshi

Rumble in the Jungle! This is a bodyweight choreographed dancercise session with full vocal direction and rhythmic bliss from MC Terra Bunny. The perfect way to get your heart rate up.


Combine playful aerobic moves, lightly simmer in some uplifting vocal Dnb and you’ve cooked yourself up a tasty Drum n Bassersize dish.Banging beatz and colourful shapes, with a side of bass. Then embody your slow flow.Then we intuitively move our bodies to some deep, emotive bass frequencies, combined with guided breath, meditation and self loving. Suitable for EVERYONE

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MAY 28


Sama-veda Kirtan 

Kirtan is a call and response singing of yoga mantras and a most powerful and enjoyable form of meditation. By meditating on these sacred sounds we reach a state far beyond the stress and worries of life.

The eternal wisdom contained in the yoga texts explain that these mantras are transcendental sounds endowed with unlimited spiritual potency. They purify one’s consciousness and bring deep spiritual insight and inner happiness.

Free entry or by donation, no need to book.

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5th June 


Interbeing Breathwork and Sound Journey

This is a soulful journey into the inner heart of consciousness where we have an opportunity to release and process emotional states that have been stored outside of conscious awareness, to come into alignment and deep remembering of our essential connection with Self, Mother Earth and each other.


Nebular; Yoga teacher, master bodyworker, Zhineng Qi Gong healer, and Feminine Embodiment Coach


Aguila; Trauma-informed Somatic Psychotherapist, Creative Arts Therapist, Couples Therapist, Sound Healer/Producer and Sacred Sexuality Coach

For more details about the event and host please click on Book Here below 


Date To Be Announced

6 Week Beginners Course

With Tracee & Shiri 

Our popular 6 Week Beginners Course is designed specifically to provide you with a solid foundation and establish an understanding of yoga postures, breathing, and relaxation practices.

Whether you are new to yoga, or have some yoga experience and want to refresh the basics, this course will provide you with a solid foundation from which to grow your yoga practice.

Throughout the course we will explore the many benefits of yoga including strength, flexibility, and mindfulness in a more casual environment so you can feel completely comfortable to ask questions as we go.

This course starts on Monday the 25th of April and includes:

• 2 sixty minute classes each week

(mondays at 7:30pm + thursdays at 7:45pm)

• PLUS an extra class at your choosing from our timetable each week!

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MAY 29th


Beyond The Circle

I“The water that runs through the heart” - Cacao is considered to be a mediator between different states of consciousness. Also known as the “Food of the Gods” or “heart blood” due to its active ingredient called theobromine, Cacao releases dopamine and increases oxygen allowing the body to expand, the heart to open and the feelings of being in love are aroused to help move unwanted energy and awaken true possibility. It is a gentle yet powerful heart opening sacred plant medicine that anyone looking to open their hearts and know themselves deeper, could explore.
After drinking “Medicine of the heart” we will assist you in a deeper dive into the communication with the spirits of nature supporting you to establish contact with your ancestors in a spirit world using rock as a communication tool which is an ancient divination practice of Siberian shamans. You will set the intention, ask the question and surrender to the spirits that will communicate through your higher self.

Please Bring:

  • Personal journal + pen

  • A Power Item (something special you want to put on an altar or just flowers from your garden as we are in this creation together)

  • Water or tea to nourish yourself during the ceremony

Please come on time as we will close the door at 4.00 straight to allow the group to consolidate.

Thank you for your trust.

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 27TH April 

Kids Yoga & Creative Dance 

Kids Yoga and Creative Dance promotes confident self-expression in movement through the use of beautiful props, carefully selected music, yoga, drama, and dance. Elanor’s gentle guidance with narrative and demonstration
will inspire the most timid to join in, providing a sense of safety and acceptance where there are no wrong moves, and where laughter is encouraged.
These classes allow children to move and explore with a sense of curiosity, wonder, and sensory delight; becoming more receptive to tones in music through a wide range of styles from western classical music to world music.
Great for skill-building in fine and gross motor, strength and flexibility, listening, focus, social and play. Learn to leap, to bend, to clown and to fill the






 Paramhansa Yogananada adds that Ananda is different from the temporary happiness that comes from sense pleasures such as eating, listening to music, and seeing beautiful things. It is also not a monotonous joy that is always the same. Ananda refers to a joy that


"Changes and dances itself in many ways to enthral your mind and keep your attention occupied and interested forever"