Genevieve Marendaz

Genevieve has been practicing Shiatsu for several years and comes from a background of remedial massage (7 years) and Reiki (20 years, 3rd level).

Shiatsu is a Japanese style of body therapy performed through clothing on a futon. Shiatsu works with the flow of vital lifeforce energy that can be known as Qi, Chi, Ki or Prana. A good starting framework is to understand that Shiatsu utilises the same meridian pathways and underlying system as Traditional Chinese Medicine. Techniques include a variety of compression, stretching and acupressure to release tension and restore systems to a balance.

( It may also utilize cupping (flame or suction), gua sha or moxibustion.

Regular shiatsu can form an integral part of a healthy lifestyle as well as an opportunity to address specific complaints. Shiatsu is also traditionally used to prevent imbalances in the body, mind and spirit system before they manifest as sickness.


Shiatsu is recommended for:

Muscular tension and pain

Menstrual cycle issues and transitions

As a mind, body & soul integration and support, during or after major life events 

Stress, anxiety and difficulty sleeping

Digestive issues

Providing a space to access deep communion within oneself at a soul level


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Phone: 0431 947 901